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I need to arrange an unattended cremation

Unattended Cremations £1,295 Inclusive Of All Costs.

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I need to arrange a cremation with a funeral service

Cremation With Service £2,495 Inclusive Of All Costs.

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Recent Funeral Plan Mailout


Our sincerest apology to anyone who has been distressed by receipt of a leaflet in the post this week promoting funeral plans. This leaflet and mailshot was planned in September 2019 and the leaflets printed earlier this year. We use the Royal Mail distribution network and once scheduled for delivery, we had no way of stopping their distribution.


We would like to apologise for any distress this leaflet has caused, as no one could have predicted earlier this month the national crisis we face today.


Why Choose An Affordable Cremation

An Affordable Cremations is the perfect option for those who wish to commemorate their loved one in their own way saving money on traditional funeral costs without compromising quality and service.


Aside from the obvious savings, an Affordable Cremations offers you more flexibility, allowing you to pay a fair price for the services that are needed, whilst avoiding the costs for services that you feel are not appropriate for you.
Many people wish to hold their own private ceremonies or use the savings of not having a funeral to purchase a memorial. For others, it is the wishes of the deceased to hold a simple cremation or no funeral at all.


Sometimes it is simply too hard to gather all those who wish to attend, within the restrictions of a crematorium. In this instance, Affordable Cremations offer more flexibility for you to organise a private ceremony at a time and location of your choosing.


Affordable Cremations are also ideal for individuals who have no close family or haven’t left instructions or made provision for the costs involved.


· Suitable for religious and non-religious ceremonies
· Choice of two fully inclusive options

The benefits of an Affordable Cremation

  • Fixed price with no hidden costs
  • Guaranteed to cover all third party costs

Simple, Affordable and Personal

Providing a personal service suited to the individual’s needs, we’re proud to help families say goodbye to loved ones. Affordable Cremations has been set up to provide families with cost-effective options compared to a traditional funeral service.


Unattended cremations whereby families simply collect the ashes and arrange their own memorial event separately, are growing in popularity. We also offer cremations with a service but without many aspects of a traditional funeral such as hearses and limousines. Our services provide an affordable funeral, whilst maintaining dignity and a personal touch.


As experienced funeral professionals, we know what goes into a positive and loving funeral service and are proud to offer Affordable Cremations to local people who want to plan ahead for their own funeral without any fuss as well as those who have an immediate need. Speak to us today about how we can help you arrange your funeral. We’ll be pleased to answer any questions you may have.


  • No fuss unattended cremations
  • No fuss attended cremations
  • In support of funeral poverty
  • Choices based on your needs