About us


Affordable Cremations was set up in 2019 as a budget, low cost funeral provider offering an alternative to what would be classed as a traditional funeral. It is owned and managed by Mark Drake, who before setting up Affordable Cremations was a Regional Director for a National Crematorium company.


An Affordable Cremation is the perfect option for those who wish to commemorate their loved one in their own way, saving money by eliminating cost associated to a traditional funeral, which include options that you feel are not appropriate, without compromising dignity, quality or service.


An unattended direct cremation can be arranged for £1,295 or a cremation with service for £2,495.

Most funeral directors now offer direct cremation but at much higher prices than ourselves, but rarely guarantee that all third party costs are included, often adding hundreds of pounds to the final cost.


Affordable Cremations can also offer a home arrangement not only in the Waveney area but throughout Norfolk & Suffolk.


The mission statement is to “offer a cost effective, caring, transparent and personal alternative to the traditional funeral” ensuring your loved ones are cremated locally at selected Crematoriums across Norfolk & Suffolk by a local funeral company.