About us

Caring, Transparent & Personal


Affordable Cremations was set up in 2019 as a budget, low cost funeral provider offering an alternative to what would be classed as a traditional funeral. It is owned and managed by Susan Whymark, a Funeral Director with over twenty years’ experience, owner of Susan Whymark Funeral Service Ltd, with funeral homes in both Norfolk & Suffolk and Mark Drake, who before joining Susan and her team was a Regional Director for a National Crematorium company.


An Affordable Cremation is the perfect option for those who wish to commemorate their loved one in their own way, saving money by eliminating cost associated to a traditional funeral, which include options that you feel are not appropriate, without compromising dignity, quality or service.
At times the wishes of the deceased or their families, indicate, they do not want or need a traditional funeral service.


Susan and Mark have put together a range of cremation options. An unattended direct cremation can be arranged for £1,295 or a cremation with service for  £2,495.


Most funeral companies, who offer direct cremation, are internet based and arrange funerals entirely by telephone or email without the client ever meeting a representative or knowing where their loved one is being cared for. Often the deceased is transported anywhere in the UK, with cremations taking place across the country. The National and more corporate structured funeral directors also offer direct cremation but at much higher prices than ourselves, these rarely guarantee that all third party costs are included, often adding hundreds of pounds to the final cost.


Affordable Cremations can also offer a home arrangement, with one of our fully trained funeral arrangers, not only in the Waveney area but throughout Norfolk & Suffolk.


The mission statement is to “offer a cost effective, caring, transparent and personal alternative to those internet based companies” ensuring families always know where their loved one is, and that they will be cremated locally at selected Crematoriums across Norfolk & Suffolk by a local funeral director who are there for you 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


In addition, we offer a selection of pre-arranged, fixed cost funeral plans to cater for all budgets with an unattended cremation at £1,795 to a cremation with a full service at £2,995. Our funeral plans are fully guaranteed to cover all third party costs, unlike those offered by many funeral directors who promote their funeral plans but only make a contribution towards the third party costs, which often leaves loved ones having to find unexpected funds at time of need.


All our funeral plans can be made years in advance, to future-proof the price you pay, as these, unlike many on the market, are fully guaranteed to cover the costs. With a funeral plan not only are your wishes known, but the price is fixed leaving no worry or funeral debt for your loved ones.


Funds paid into these plans are held in a Royal London whole-of-life policy and are therefore totally secure with third party costs guaranteed by Affordable Cremations Ltd.


All our services can be discussed with you either at your home or at one of our funeral homes with our fully trained staff, just call to make an appointment.